Ever wondered:

  • How people tune their cars to make a 1000bhp and more?
  • How they edit various 3D maps to make the car perform better?
  • How people increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles?
  • How cars spit flames through their exhausts?

These are all made possible by the brain of the electronic fuel injected vehicles called the Engine Control Unit / ECU. The ECU controls the various actuators on an engine using the data received from the various sensors present on the engine. ECU has various tables and maps present in the ECU, which correlates the sensor values and the various actuator operations. Altering these map values will alter how the engine performs. Engine tuning basically is filling up these tables and maps with different values, however,  the correctness of these values will make the difference between making the engine better or blowing up the engine. Therefore fiddling with the values in trial and error will never make a car better, only scientific deductions and calculations will. It is imperative to have a proper knowledge before attempting any tuning on the ECU.

Want to learn how an Engine Control Unit works and how to tune engines. We, with our extensive motorsport tuning experience, can teach you everything you will ever need to tune an engine. Our courses are tailor-made for all kind of aspirants who wants to learn engine tuning. Enroll now for the upcoming batch.


Ever wondered how could some mechanics and engineers could pinpoint the faults on an automobile and rectify it very easily in limited time, whereas most will give you a wrong diagnosis initially and then find out the fault later on, just to lose your precious time and money? The difference between the two types is practical knowledge and experience.

Untill now, you would not be able to earn any practical experience on automotive systems and diagnosis, without working in a garage. However, things are changing with our state of the art diagnostics simulator. The simulator will give you a hands on experience which is very similar to the one you will be earning in real garage. The simulator is based on ASE Standards, which will enable you to diagnose any kinds of faults in any automobile in a systematic way. The course follows the internationally accepted curriculum for automotive diagnostics. You will get access to more than 250 hours of online content, which includes animations, videos and assessments on each and every automotive subsystems. Whats More?!! You can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. The only restriction is that you have to complete the course in 3 months. At the end of the course you will have better theoretical and practical knowledge, which will help you achieving your goal, whether it is to secure a job in automotive R&D, or to start a modern garage of your own or to obtain international certifications. Prepare yourself for the challenges out there, join for the next batch now.


There is a huge difference between what industry needs and what graduates possess. This is usually because of graduates’ lack of knowledge about the industry requirements. Our courses are tailor-made considering the current industrial requirements and trends. 

This will enable you to land on your dream automotive job, and the best part is, it’s not very hard. Our Model-Based Development courses are a result of our vast industrial exposure. In fact, these courses were formulated because we found a huge lack of candidates with experience in MBD suited for working in the industry. This course covers the basics of MBD using Matlab Simulink. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop complex control systems using Simulink and interface them with hardware like ECU, TCU, etc

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