Motorsport Projects

Rally Spec

The rally spec VW Polo 1.6 cars we tuned ended up on podium every single time. And that alone says enough about the expertise we have in engine tuning.


Back when G13s ruled the championships, some of the best were tuned by us. We have tuned numerous race cars for ITC and IJTC which have broken records repeatedly.

Best lap times and pole positions were an everyday thing for our cars, owing to the state of tune they are running with. Our lead tuner Srivignesh (Vicky) is a well known name in the motorsport industry for the same reason.

FSAE & Formula Supra

We have tuned numerous student formula cars which went on to fetch prizes in their respective events. These days we provide technical support to student teams in achieving their goals.

Motorcycle Racing

From Motocross to track racing, we have been working with our sister concerns in tuning the fuel injected engines. 

Educational Support Projects

We have provided turnkey experimental setups and support for premier educational institutions like BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and SRM University. The BITS Pilani project includes the complete Advanced Automotive Engineering Lab setup comprising of an inertial dyno, tunable ECUs, turbocharged and supercharged engines, Electronic Throttle Control Test Rig, Automatic Transmission Test Rig, etc.