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Automotive system Trainers

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Automatic Gearbox Test Rig

The state of the art automatic gearbox test rig can simulate various conditions to validate the gearbox control strategy created using Matlab/ Simulink. The test rig can also be accessed remotely and strategies may be executed externally using Simulink. A 3-Phase induction motor is used to simulate the characteristics of engine during gear changes, but without the engine noise and emissions.

Electronic Throttle Body Test Rig

The ETB test rig allows one to formulate control strategies in Simulink and deploy it on this hardware. This allows for a real time simulation of system response, stability, etc., and to test different fail-safe and dynamic throttle control strategies

Advanced Automobile Systems Lab Setups

We undertake setting up of advanced automotive engineering labs for institutions. The most common systems includes, but limited to, Electronic steering, brake by wire, ADAS, NVH test systems, HIL Test Rigs, Machine Fault Diagnostic systems, etc.

OEM Engine Calibration and Model-Based Development Training

With our extensive experience in motorsports and OEM ECU calibration, we conduct regular trainings to OEMs for the new candidates. The training encompasses everything right from the very basics of engine calibration to developing sophisticated control strategies for different automotive systems  using Simulink 

Training on ECU Tuning, Model-Based Development and  Engine Calibration

Regular trainings are conducted for college students, graduates and for enthusiasts who want to tune their own vehicles or start tuning centers. Trainings are also being conducted for those aspirants who like to join OEMs

Faculty Development Programs

We offer faculty development programs at institutions on latest advancements on automobile engineering front. We have flexible coursework which includes online as well as face to face modules